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Do you know what your print is actually costing you? 90% of businesses, just like you, don’t. You might find it too difficult to track, measure and control your print volumes and costs. That’s where we come in!

Your print devices and supplies could be costing you a lot more than you think. After rent and utilities, print is often the next most expensive operating expense for most companies.

Before you can address your print costs, you need to know where you stand. Our quick and easy print assessment will inventory your print devices, determine your actual print volumes and print related expenses.

After your assessment we’ll present you with a fact-based report that will answer the following three questions:

  • Which departments and users print the most

  • What types of devices are being used?

  • What are your actual costs per page and overall print-related expenses?

Our report will also include opportunities to address and improve:

  • Waste reduction

  • Print controls and implementation of best practices

  • Green print strategies, recycling advantages and other sustainable business practices

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