Go-Green with your Laser Printers & Recycle with us.

When you buy a new printer what do you do with the old printer? With new laws prohibiting you or your company from simply dumping these used equipment let alone your conscience with our future generation in mind, we offer free pick-up on laser printers from small to medium footprint printers.

With every staff member in Fidelity Copier fully committed towards our GO-Green policy since 2009, we have saved printers by the hundreds from reaching landfills.

To further champion this effort, we initiated a program where we will donate repaired used printers to schools, non-profit causes and agencies that render their services for free. Please join us in making our GO-Green cause a worthwhile cause. Thank you for your efforts in recycling your printers with us.

Trade in your used copier

We specialize in trading in your used copier for credit towards purchasing a new copier with us. We accept all major brands of Used Copiers (Ricoh, Canon, Sharp, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera, and to name a few), any quality and we will handle all phases of the transaction quickly getting the copiers traded in and picked up at your facility FAST, and bringing in a new machine that matches your need.


Experience an exceptional level of service and support that makes us leaders in the copier industry.

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